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You can listen at your own pace to these 8 expert presenters from our 37th annual seminar
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Seminar Intro by Terry Chrzan

intro video

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Steve DiFrancesco

Winemaker Emeritus, Glenora Wine Cellars - Consultant
"Techniques in making sparkling wines"
Time 60 Min.

Hans Walter - Peterson

Cornell University Extension Associate "Grape Expectations" 2021 post mortem - 2022 winter
Time 40 Min.

Phil Plummer

Montezuma Winery
"New techniques and alternative yeast"

Time 61 Min.

Mike Countryman

Winemaker -Point of the Bluff Vineyards  "The resurgence of Rosé winemaking"
Time 57 Min.

Eric Smith

OSB Cider Works, Lakeville NY
"Making hard cider in many flavors"   
Time 33 Min

Michael Warren Thomas

Multimedia writer
"What's Hot and What's Not" in Finger Lakes wines
Time 46 Min.

 Jan Klapetzky       &

Study - Oak barrels and alternatives. Workshop - Acid / Sugar balance
Time 40 Min.

Tom Hatch

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